The Real Revolution

Pastor Russell Kortes, Pastor Chris

Life Group Questions Share about a time when you got in trouble when you were a child.

Digging Deeper:

1. Read Psalm 51:1-7. What do these verses say about who we are? What do they say about the character of God? What do these verses say that God can do?

2. Read Psalm 51:10-11. What would a new heart look like in your life? What challenges have you experienced when receiving God’s forgiveness? What about forgiving others?

Life Application: 1. Why is it so important for us to look at and deal with our guilt? What do you see as the main difference between guilt and shame?

2. How has guilt affected you in the past? Is it s good thing or a bad thing? How has guilt affected your relationship with God?

3. How do you preach to yourself when you feel guilt takes over your heart? What are some practical ways we can begin to deal with past guilt and shame?

4. Final thought and challenge: We remember that we are fully forgiven at the cross and that there is nothing we can do to earn God’s favor or love. At the same time he calls us to ask for forgiveness from others and to right our wrongs. Where do you maybe need to make restitution?